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So what is the difference? Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

As the "Eco" part of the name suggests, this ink is environmentally safe. It doesn't contain harmful ingredients like cyclohexanone. This means that this type of ink is biodegradable, and it can
easily be broken down in the human body without any harm. Ecosolvent ink dries fast and offers a wide range of colours. Ideal for posters and other forms of signage, it is durable and is capable of adhering to coated or uncoated surfaces.

Cheap. This is the main reason solvent ink is used in many parts of the world. It also does not fade over time. Solvent ink is oil based, but it dissolves very fast. (It is normally supplied in powder form.) This type of ink works well on plastic or vinyl subststrates.

UV cured ink is the newest printing technology. It involves the use of Ultraviolet rays to cure the ink, and there are virtually no chemicals involved. This means that it's also not harmful to the environment. There is also no need to apply costly coatings. It produces high-quality images on many substrates. Ideal for personalised gifts or other items and easy to operate, the built-in Ultra Violet LED lamp cures inks instantly as they are printed
for rock-solid, durable imprints on metal, glass, wood, stone, plastic, fabric, vinyl and more.

When printing with UV printing technology, the ink dot 'sits on top' of the media. As UV inks dry immediately when exposed to UV light, you can print on almost anything, coated or uncoated, from plastics and glass to wood and metal. Also, UV printing emits less volatile organic compounds and produces no smell.

Printer Warranties
The warranty on Perfect Laser Technologies UV and Eco solvent printers is 1 year from date of installation, excluding the head which has no warranty after installation.
It is recommended that only inks supplied by Perfect Laser are used as they have been matched to the print heads.
The warranty does not cover self made software changes and subsequent software clashes because of updates your computer will make.
For the the model PLT - UV 3050 or smaller the warranty will be on 'carry-in' basis as the printer can be transported to a service centre.
For all other colour machines larger than a PLT UV 3050, a call out travelling fee will be charged based on our standard R/KM rate - but the service, labour and component costs will be covered for the first year.
Inks for all our printers can be bought from any Perfect Laser Branch.
The warranty will be void if you have damaged your print head after handover and if you have not cleaned your printer's ink circulation system regularly.

Model PL-UV-4060 Printer - R159,000 Excl. VAT & Excl. Inks
Model PL-ES-18-SH Printer - R59,995 Excl. VAT and Excl. Inks (Inks sold in 1 litre bottles - set of CMYK for R995.00)
Model PL-UV-6090-S Printer - R244,000 Excl. VAT (SPECIAL ORDER ONLY- Delivery 2-3 months after deposit)
Model PL-UV-9060 Printer - R194,000 Excl. VAT
Model PL-UV-9060-RFS Printer - R199,000 Excl. VAT
Model PL-UV-1610-XAAR Printer - R399,000 Excl. VAT (SPECIAL ORDER ONLY- Delivery 2-3 months after deposit)
Our Youtube Channel     DISCLAIMER / WARNING : Laser cutters/engravers sold by Perfect Laser Technologies (Pty) Ltd. are Class IV Laser Devices and are extremely dangerous. These lasers will instantly ignite clothing, wood, paper, plastics, and many other common items and will seriously burn flesh, including eyes. Care must be taken to avoid serious injury and/or blindness. Always use eye protection when operating your laser. Failure to do so may result in permanent blindness.

Always operate any high power laser in an environment free of flammable materials, children, pets, spectators, etc. Do NOT EVER leave your machine unattended while in operation. Always ensure that flooring around your laser is clean and free of any obstacles or flammable items.

Always ensure that the work surface is kept clean. Always ensure that water cooling is sufficient to keep the tube cool. Lasers use lethal high voltages. Care must be taken when working with high voltage. Failure to do so may result in Serious Injury or Death.

Untrained operators are forbidden to operate any laser equipment supplied by Perfect Laser Technologies (Pty) Ltd. All operators are to undergo training at Perfect Laser Technologies (Pty) Ltd. offices before using the equipment.

All Laser machinery and ancillary equipment is to be switched off if not in use.

The use of any laser equipment is dangerous, and you do so entirely at your own risk. Perfect Laser Technologies (Pty) Ltd., its staff, employees, family, consultants and technical representatives will not be held liable for any injuries, damages to property or any other damages whatsoever caused by operating laser equipment.

Please ensure that you have at least a one-kilogram Carbon Dioxide fire extinguisher close to your machine - regularly serviced, maintained and kept in good working order.